Pugna Vox Ut ExistoThese web pages provide you with general information on what constitutes legal malpractice and the procedures for filing any grievance that you may have against an attorney or judge that derives from a violation of their professional duty. For the status of the specific law of your state, it is best to seek the advice of an attorney to apply your particular state's law to your factual situation.

Valeriano Diviacchi - Founding Attorney,  Diviacchi Law OfficeThe Diviacchi Law Office was started in November of 1992 to concentrate in the area of representing plaintiffs in legal malpractice cases. Though its original goal was a hope that giving attorneys a taste of their own medicine via malpractice litigation would benefit the legal system and improve it, this hope was quickly extinguished. As the founders of our country realized over two centuries ago, a power that is accountable to no one but itself is accountable to no one. Nemo agit in seipsum. We are now a general criminal and civil trial practice firm with a heavy concentration in representing plaintiffs in legal malpractice, lender liability, and civil rights cases. Our civil rights focus is primarily in the areas of police misconduct and First Amendment issues. We are helping our clients recover from damages resulting from legal malpractice or from errors or antiquated procedures in the provision of legal services and for lender liability by banks, mortgage companies, mortgage brokers, and other such lender entities. Fortuna parit brave.

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